11th July 2011

Palladium is now officially recognised as a precious metal, and compulsory hallmarking came into effect from 1st January 2010. Suitable for all types of jewellery,Palladium is now the latest precious metal to be adopted by jewellery designers.It belongs to the Platinum group of metals, but is approximately half as dense as Platinum. Discovered in 1803, it was named after Pallas Athena – the Goddess of wisdom, war and craft. The UK Assay Office use her image as one of the Hallmarks on Palladium to guarantee its purity and status. It is rarer than gold and will never tarnish.It has a resilience that ensures it maintains its natural white sheen – unlike white gold it does not require rhodium plating. It is an ideal metal for contemporary styles, and perfect for male wedding rings in particular. Come and visit the workshop to see it - feel it!